Design by Ann Grymonpon.

The Scala is a performance in itself !

This is a mirror you can't walk past without noticing.
The superimposed skeleton outline of an antique frame creates a stage on which to play with light.
The in-built LED strips in RGB and cordless operation means that you can select the colour you want by using a remote control
You can go for plain white, red, blue, green or yellow etc. or perhaps you'd rather be more adventurous and let the colours overlap ? The colours let you create exactly the right atmosphere that you want.

This mirror can be placed against the wall or hung, either vertically or horizontally. 

Scala, a scale of LED lights

The classical design on the front mirror glass of this mirror is being printed semi-transparently in white.
Inside the mirror construction, behind the white print, RGB LED light strips are mounted. 
The LED lights are controlled with a wireless remote control, on which you choose the colour you want and create your own athmosphere and ambiance at any time.
The LED technology assures you the longest possible lifetime in light.
The RGB let's you choose for fixed colours or choose to fade lights from one to another, either smoothly either fast or even flashy... you have it under control !  

Enjoy !

Product information


Item 3039.394
Outside size :  107 x 182 cm  x depth 7 cm
Mirrors : 5mm thickness with polished F-edge
Front mirror is printed in semi-transparant white
with RGB LED lights behind.
Including Remote Control

Suspension : 2 directions + leaning
At the botom a black rubber protection is foreseen as antislip and against breakage upon leaning against a wall.
Material : completely in mirror
Backing : white acrylic backboard  
Nett weight  : 43 kgs

Download the PDF Product Info sheet. 
Download the JPEG Product Info Sheet.

Scala Product Information Sheet


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