O Seven

Design by Ann Grymonpon.

A jewel of a mirror.

A composition of seven oval mirrors with polished edges, each set in a impeccable, high-gloss painted frame.
The rounded sensual forms reflect the light in the sparkling paint layer.
It comes as standard in masculine black and heavenly white, but is obtainable, on request, in any RAL colour of your choice ! Fiery red, sunny yellow, romantic pink... whatever you want !

Whether hung vertically or horizontally, this mirror is a striking focal point in your interior.
The back of the mirror has been painstakingly finished, light and easy to hang. 

What's the O Seven made of ?

There are 3 important quality issues that make this mirror top :
First there's the finish of the frame in glossy lacquer,
secondly there's the perfect frame material,
thirdly there's the glass and mirror quality.

For the perfect high gloss lacquer Deknudt Mirrors works together with a lacquering specialist in the neighbourhood of Deerlijk, who has the tools and know-how of this qualitative work.
The frames are being scoured and lacquered for 4 times, making the finish high gloss.
Standard Deknudt Mirrors produces the O Seven in White RAL colour 9003 and Black RAL colour 9005.
But we go a step further...
You can order 1 single piece of the O Seven mirror in any RAL colour you want... just to make it that single unique exclusive mirror of yourself !!
A special anti-static polishing liquid is delivered with the mirror !

The second uniqueness on this mirror is the frame material as such, which is one of  the master knowledges of Deknudt Mirror Group. The frame is made in PU (polyurethane), which is a synthetic material.
Polyol and Iso-Cyanate are being injected in high density in closed moulds, making the shape of the frame.
Once the frame is being hardened inside the mould, it will last forever and ever !
No influences due to humidity or high temperatures, no bendings, no changes in course of time...

Last but not least, the perfect mirror quality.
Since 1946 Deknudt Mirror Group produces mirrors of the highest quality. We use the best clear glass available and make top quality reflecting mirrors... A perfect reflection (planimitry) is our main concern. The 7 oval mirrors used for the O Seven are 4 mm thick mirrors with a modern bevel of 5 mm.


Product information

O Seven White
Item :  3037.772
Decoration : high gloss white RAL 9003

O Seven Black
Item : 3037.752
Decoration : high gloss black RAL 9005

Upon request : any RAL colour !

Outside size :  195 x 67 cm x depth 8 cm
7 Mirrors : 4 mm thickness with small bevel of 5 mm
Suspension : 2 directions (horizontal+vertical)
Frame material : PU  (polyurethane)
Back : White acrylic board
Nett weight  : 11 kgs


Download the PDF Product Info Sheet.    

Download the JPEG Product Info Sheet.

O Seven Product Information Sheet


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