Annemie Vanzieleghem

About Annemie
Annemie is one of the 2 in-house designers and head of the Design and R&D Devision of Deknudt Mirrors.
Already working at Deknudt Mirrors since 1990, she knows mirrors from in and outside.

Be open and receptive to new things. Curiosity is, to my mind, an important stimulus.
Spotting trends and crystallizing these into saleable products gives me the satisfaction that I seek in my profession. With a cultured appreciation of beauty, shape, colour and materials, we can come up with some distinctive designs.
The mysticism in mirrors has me captivated !

Nude  (3038.401)
Divina  (3034.102 and 3034.202)
Tutti L   (3040.201)
Tutti XL  (3040.301)
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