Tutti XL

Design by Annemie Vanzieleghem.

The Tutti sees everything, but it doesn't see you !
A careful arrangement of strips of mirrored glass breaks up the room.
Each lamina, with perfectly polished edges, has been expertly cut to a thickness of 5 mm and is supported by a strong synthetic frame.
The balck back creates a finely-drawn shadow effect.

Hung vertically or horizontally, this mirror, with its fragmented reflections, is a real attention grabber.


Product information

Tutti XL

Item : 3040.301
Outside size :  87 x 190 cm x depth 6 cm
7 Mirrors : 5 mm thickness

Suspension : 2 directions (horizontal+vertical)
Frame material : PU in black (polyurethane)
Nett weight : 38 kgs

Also in size 120 x 123 cm, see TUTTI L


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Tutti XL Product Information Sheet


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