Design by Ann Grymonpon.

Is an illusion only the appearance of reality ?
Is what you see not what you get ?

A flat digital print onto a 10 mm thick glass creates the illusion of a stylish, classical frame.
The spirit of days gone by created with state-of-the-art techniques.

A timeless mirror whose transparency is just right for your interior. 

What and how ?

Supporting glass is 1 cm thick, onto which special black ink is being printed digitaly.

This black ink contains micro parts of glass and has ceramic caracteristics.
The printed glass plate is now put in a special electrical oven to harden the glass, which transfers the glass to savety glass. 
During this backening, the micro glass parts of the printed special black ink are melting and the printed design is being melted inside the glass.
After this procedure, the print is fixed, scratch free and UV protected.

Ideal for inside or outside. 

Product information


Item : 3035.252
Outside size : 120 x 150 cm.
Mirror size : 76 x 106 cm.
Mirror : 3mm with small modern bevel of 5mm.
Back : tempered printed glass of 10 mm !!!
Suspension : horizontal or vertical.
Nett weight : 48 kgs.

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JPG Illusion Product Information Sheet

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