Design by Annemie Vanzieleghem.

A mirror without any framing. A mirror stripped to its purest form.
Imposing and yet surprisingly elegant.

This highly functional mirror can work its magic in any room, anywhere in the house.
In a vertical position it can stand or hang. Placed horizontally this mirror has a timeless beauty.
All parts have been meticulously cut and polished and are mounted in such a way as to form a robust whole.

The Nude comes with anti-slip protection and a sturdy hanging system. 

Product information


Item : 3038.401
Outside size :  45 x 198 cm  x  depth 8 cm
Mirror : 5 mm thickness
Suspension : 2 directions
Also standing against a wall, with anti-slip protection on the floor.

Material : Crystal mirror
Nett weight  : 26 kgs

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Nude Product Information Sheet  

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