For Your Eyes Only

Design by Bart Lens.

As the name suggests -For Your Eyes Only- is a fine horizontal mirror at eye level.

The slight curve gives a mirror subtle tension. The object is no longer static : those who look in the mirror experience an extra perception of the space.

The curve reminds us of an eyelash. The design is subtly simple and has unprecedented functional elegance.

Apart from horizontal suspension, the mirror also fits perfect in a verticla position. 
The mirror is designed in 2 sizes : 90 cm and 175 cm.

Product Information


Short version
Item : 3049.101
Outside size :  6 x 90 cm 
(depth at bended section : 13 cm)
Mirror : 6mm bended
Suspension : 4 directions
Backing colour: white RAL  
Nett weight  : 1,5 kgs

Long version  
Item : 3049.301
Outside size :  6 x 175 cm
(depth at bended section : 13 cm)
Mirror : 6mm bended
Suspension : 4 directions
Backing colour : white RAL
Nett weight  : 2,5 kgs

Download the PDF Product Info sheet.    

Download the JPEG Product Info Sheet.


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