Design by Jean-François D'Or

With its rounded upper and lower edges and conical shape, EDVARD is a bit of a stunner. Especially when it’s fixed to the wall. It looks as if the mirror is a sort of megaphone that makes the wall scream for attention. Hence the name EDVARD, after the norwegian artist Edvard Munch, the man behind the famous painting The Scream’.Want to know more about Edvard Munch, have a look at the following website: https://www.artsy.net/artist/edvard-munch

Different functions and sizes

EDVARD comes in two sizes – big and small – and in several colours: sober black or white and blue. Any RAL colour on demand. It is striking to see in how many different ways the mirror can fit into your interior. Both sizes go perfectly on the wall. But you can also place the mirror on its side or rest it on its base. Depending on where you position it, it gives you another way of looking at mirrors and their reflection . Call EDVARD a nomad that shuttles hither and thither to fulfil different functions – each one giving you another look at reality.

Product information


Small round mirror
Reference: white: 3046.171
                 black: 3046.151
                 blue: 3046.181

Outside dimension: 30 cm diameter
Depth: 18 cm
Frame: aluminium
Weight: 1,5 kg
Suspension: 1 direction
Mirror: 3 mm

Big round mirror
Reference: white: 3046.271
                 black: 3046.251
                 blue: 3046.281

Outside dimension: 70 cm diameter
Depth: 24 cm
Frame: aluminium
Weight: 13 kg
Suspension: 1 direction
Mirror: 3 mm

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