Design by Annemie Vanzieleghem.

The 2 mirrors of DIVINA are simple and versatile.

The effect to be achieved depends on how you arrange them.
A composition of different planes, based on the rules of the GOLDEN SECTION, gives you a captivating setting to which you can add your own personal touch.

Each of the expertly polished individual mirrors are fastened onto a strong black synthetic support.

Divina I is a set composition of smaller sections that can be hung in four directions.
Divina II is a large square with simple straight lines.

Create any number of aesthetically pleasing configurations.
They are very strong together, but each has a power of its own.


What is the Golden Section ?

There’s a mathematical ratio commonly found in nature —the ratio of 1 to 1.618— that has many names.
Most often it is called the Golden Section, the Gold Ratio or the Golden Mean.
Occasionally it is also called the Golden Number, Divine Proportion or Golden Proportion, Fibonacci Number, and Phi.

The Golden Section is a Law of Proportionality. It is a law that occurs frequently in nature and its use is particularly useful in Art. First developed by Vitruvius, it is most famously known from Leonardo Da Vinci's 1509 drawing 'The Divine Proportion'.

Essentially the law states that two unequal parts of a whole must be in relationship to each other to create a satisfactory image to the eye.

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Product information

DIVINA set : 250 x 154 cm  (thickness 3 cm)

Divina I  
Item : 3034.102
Outside size :  95 x 154 cm
Mirror : 5mm with small modern bevel of 5mm
Suspension : 4 directions
Backing material : Black PU (polyurethane) 
Nett weight  : 25 kgs

Divina II  
Item : 3034.202
Outside size :  154 x 154 cm
Mirror : 5mm with small modern bevel of 5mm
Suspension : 1 direction (square)
Backing material : Black PU (polyurethane)
Nett weight  : 41 kgs

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