Design by Karim Rashid

Famous for his “Globalove” expression, Karim Rashid considers design an exchange, a fusion of ideas and visions. “Everything stands or falls with a good relationship”. Scoop and Scoopy are the result of a fascinating cooperation between Deknudt Mirrors and Karim, one of the most influential designers worldwide,

Scoop and Scoopy are typical Karim designs, being both art and equipment. The shell shaped mirror features bright colors and sloping lines. Amorphous and minimalistic, organic and human, they cradle the reflection and contribute to the atmosphere and the experience in the room. The two cushy geometric shapes incorporate a light source that accentuates the smooth finish and slanting lines of the shell. Wonderful wall compositions can be created by combining different shapes and colors, leading to what Karim Rashid calls “Ego Art”.

Product Information


Dimensions : 64 x 63 x 11 cm
Materials: mirror - PU-frame - cool white led lighting
Weight: 5 kg
Product code with light:
3053.144 - pink
3053.174 - white
3053.184 - blue

Product code without light:
3053.141 - pink
3053.171 - white
3053.181 - blue

Download the PDF Product Info sheet.

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